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Today, unlike forty years ago, it’s difficult to turn a stranger in the street into your personal Hebrew tutor. It occurred to me though, with the ubiquitous smartphone in the hands of every Israeli regardless of age, perhaps there is a modern equivalent. To this end...

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The advantage of the Israel of 45 years ago was that the entire world was an ulpan.

I remember one time while visiting Tel Aviv, as I walked down the street, I mentally reviewed all the Hebrew words for the various objects that I saw. Being a commercial street the various storefronts carried lar...

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All The World Is An Ulpan

The Israel that I encountered when I arrived here in January of 1973, was a very different Israel than the one you'll meet on a day-to-day basis today. One of the major differences 45 years ago that the vast majority of the people who walk the streets of Israel then had actually learned Hebrew as a second language. Almost everyone that I encountered would cheerfully and politely offer me a correction or suggest a more appropriate way of saying what I wanted to say,

Today it's difficult to turn a stranger on the street into your personal Hebrew tutor. it occurred to me though, with the ubiquitous smartphone in the hands of every child and adult in Israel, maybe there is a modern equivalent. To this end, I established Sicha Yomit Online and cobbled together a number of easily available online applications merging them into a virtual community of sorts of people who want to improve their day-to-day conversational Hebrew.

Membership in this community and the day-to-day support that I and other volunteers provide is total without charge. On the other hand if someone specifically requires on a one time or an ongoing basis a one-on-one tutorial assistance, that is also available at what we over the very affordable price. Our overall objective is to help people integrate into Israeli society and live there for life to the fullest here in the land of Israel. 

Employing existing applications that run on most devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops & desktops) the Sicha Yomit Online team delivers every weekday, a tutorial and back-up tutorial assistance, tailored to your Hebrew language level.

In addition, the volunteer team and the peer community of Sicha Yomit Online participants is available to exchange insights and post questions. You are never without someone willing to assist you.

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