Posted on 02-Nov-2018

Sicha Yomit Online

Sicha Yomit Online’s Mission

Today, unlike forty years ago, it’s difficult to turn a stranger in the street into your personal Hebrew tutor. It occurred to me though, with the ubiquitous smartphone in the hands of every Israeli regardless of age, perhaps there is a modern equivalent. To this end, I established Sicha Yomit Online and cobbled together a number of easily available online applications merging them into a virtual community of sorts of people who want to improve their day-to-day conversational Hebrew.

Our overall objective is to help people integrate into Israeli society and live their life to the fullest here in the land of Israel.
Membership in this community and the day-to-day support that I and other volunteers provide is total without charge. On the other hand, if someone specifically requires a one time or multiple one-on-one tutorials, that is also available at what we hope is a very affordable price.

Join us today and start acquiring mastering the ancient reborn language of the Jewish People, in ten-minute increments.
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